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Jonathan Moore-Garrison, Reiki Master, LMT #7706, RMTI #S-0509


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My work is an unique blend of CranioSacral therapy, SomatoEmotional Release and therapeutic bodywork, which I use to help my clients find relief and balance within their mind, body and spirit.  This combination of approaches not only helps bring instant relief of pain and trauma but also creates long term deep changes that keep the pain and trauma from returning.

I specialize in treating chronic headaches, TMJ, shoulder pain, hip pain, and low-back pain. Every session is customized to your needs.  I listen to your body and work with your inner wisdom to find the right path to restore you to pain free balance. 

I also work with woman trying to get pregnant, while they are pregnant and postpartum.  CranioSacral therapy helps prepare and body for giving birth and helps remove trauma from the body that my be preventing pregnancy or lead to complication during birth.  It helps the mother and unborn child connect at the deeper level and helps them both prepare for the easiest and best birthing experience for both mother and child.  Postpartum it assists the mother in her physical and emotional recovery and can be done while holding the newborn to help deeper the mother/child bonding. 

I have had over 8 years experience working with a wide variety of clients and needs. 

I offer an new client first session rate of $50 for an hour session. Click on the button below to book your first session now.  

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