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Jonathan Moore-Garrison, Reiki Master, LMT #7706, RMTI #S-0509




I had never had a Cranial Sacral session until I was referred to Jonathan Moore-Garrison for my chronic jaw pain. For about a year and a half I could not eat anything tough and could not even open my mouth enough to bite into an apple without severe pain. Before seeing him I was told I needed constructive jaw surgery and braces (very expensive and invasive to the body). I saw Jonathan for about 10 sessions and was relieved of all pain. About 4 months later and I still have no pain! At first I was skeptical of going to a cranial sacral worker, but it was much cheaper and less invasive, and everyone had talked so highly of it. I HIGHLY suggest Jonathan's Cranial Sacral work. My advice is to go in with an open mind and patience in order to see results. 10 sessions and I am healed! Jonathan gave me techniques to stay aware of my body tension as homework to do before our next  session, which helped continue the healing process throughout the week. When I asked questions after or before sessions, he was clear and informative about the process and was sure to answer all of my questions. It gave me more ease and relief to be educated on what was happening in my own body. I would also suggest a follow up session even after symptoms are relieved. I believe our bodies carry and remember our experiences including the trauma we may experience, so even though symptoms may decrease or go away, it is possible that the pain can return in mysterious ways due to how our bodies compensated for the injury/trauma we experienced. Another aspect of my cranial sacral experience that allowed for healing was being very comfortable with the process and allowing my body to take control instead of my mind. Our minds can hinder the healing process. It took a few sessions just to get comfortable with someone new, but stick with it. If this work is not for you, you will most likely know after the first 5-10 sessions (in my experience). Of course, everyone has different paths and speeds of healing. Definitely recommended!


Hannah, Santa Fe, NM


Incredibly gifted, Jonathan gives the best massages I have ever had in my life.  I have been all over the world seeking his kind of world class, holistic therapeutic treatment. He is just incredible; constantly knows what is going on inside my body, exactly where I need healing with his intuitiveness, answers questions without being irritated, maintains a very humble, easy-going and supportive state of mind, I cannot recommend his healing enough.  Doesn't get any more world class than this. I am sincerely sad to see Jonathan leave Portland in soon.  

Sumandi, Portland, OR


Very good  massage today! Jonathan listened and was very intuitive as well. I had exactly what I needed- a therapeutic deep tissue massage, with focus on my tight spots and knots. I have already booked my next appointment!


Karen, Portland, OR


If you are looking for a therapist with magic hands, look no further.  I feel fortunate that I found Jonathan and would highly recommend him.  He has a calm, relaxed energy and provides a wonderful massage in a healing environment.  Warming blanket on the massage table, nurturing oils, and a variety of techniques made this experience one of the best.  When I left, I think I may have floated to my car. I will be seeing Jonathan on a regular basis and will happily refer my friends and family.


Shelley, Portland, OR


I'm thinking of  selling my home, moving to Portland and getting a mobile home. Then I can  park in front of the Blue Buddha and spend all my money on daily massages. He's that good. I've been to a lot of spas, salons, much etc, but Blue Buddha Bodywork is as good as it gets.


Lynn, San Francisco, CA


Wonderful massage! I myself am an LMT and am picky about receiving massages. Still I enjoy the experience of visiting other people's offices and see how they are set up. Trying different styles and meeting different therapists. I bought the Yelp deal and went in to see Jonathan, and I was really impressed.  I would rate Johnathan up there in the top tier of bodyworkers.  He has strength, intuition, and good knowledge of body mechanics. I would recommend his work to anyone. His studio has an interesting set up and was a relaxing place to get a massage.


Aradia, Portland, OR


Thank you so much to these other yelpers for these reviews, as they influenced my choice to go and get what may have been the best massage of my life! Here is why- my general experience with massage is that it feels fantastic during the the time of the massage (maybe a little after), but doesn't really help me work out problems in a lasting way, or even access my muscles in a way I need to do better yoga or exercises to help myself. This was not the case with Jonathan. Although, it was the case that it felt amazing during the massage, I was able to completely help myself stretch in a meaningful and helpful way after the massage. He is very strong, intuitive to levels of depth with your tissue, and extraordinarily skilled at finding the key points in your body that need his assistance. He doesn't waste any time, either! Truly amazing and healing!


Pheobe, Portland, OR



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